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Film production and distribution

Our company brings together a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in film making

Film production and distribution

Our company brings together a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in film making, television and radio, giving it the capacity to easily meet time and financial parameters required for film production or fiction, video or television spots and advertising.

The remarkable conditions we offer such as class actors established in international productions, highly qualified staff, professional stuntmen tested in multiple collaborations, filming equipment, high end lighting and recording, various shooting locations, and diverse natural scenery and soundstages available both in Bucharest and in the country, ensures the success of our collaboration.

Filming, post-production and post-processing (equipment rental, developing, editing, dialogue editing) is performed using a laboratory that provides the latest equipment, with many films made in Budapest - http://www.focusfox.hu/

Also with the aid of film distribution networks, based on contractual relations we distribute in Romania foreign films in over 325 cinemas, public and private property.

If you are interested in making a feature film, documentary, animation, television show or advertising, feel free to contact us.

Feature films made before 1989:

"Un drumeț în calea lupilor"

Directed by Constantin Vaeni
Producers Centrul de producție cinematografică Buftea
Film Director Pohus Dumitru
Cast Valentin Teodosiu, Cătălina Mustață, George Alexandru, Mitică Popescu, Constantin Pârvulescu, Ștefan Iordache, Mariana Buruiană, Mihai Dinvale


"Cântec în zori"

Directed by Dinu Tănase
Screenplay Dumitru Carabăț
Producers Centrul de producție cinematografică Buftea, Televiziunea Română, Ministerul Apărării Naționale
Film Director Pohuș Dumitru
Cast Mihai Brătilă, Dan Condurache, Irina Petrescu, Mircea Albulescu, Mitică Popescu, Remus Mărgineanu, Ecaterina Nazare, Rodica Horobeț

Feature films made after 1989 with foreign parteners:

"Codin și Chira Chiralina"

Directed by: Maar Gyula
Producers:  Focus Film KFT Budapesta, GCC Film Worldwide București
Screenplay: Maár Gyula
Cast: George Călin, Funtek Frigyes, Alina Nedelea, Tora Vasilescu, Mitică Popescu, Răzvan Vasilescu, George Alexandru, Leopoldina Bălănuță, Gheorghe Dinică, Remus Mărgineanu, Ileana Predescu, Halil Ergün, Dorine Hollier 


"Abel în codru"

Producers: Budapest Film Studio, GCC Film Worldwide, Magyar Televizio, Clamatel Filmstudio
Directed by: Mihaly Sandor
Screenplay: Aron Tamasi
Cast: Ilyes Levente, Ana Szeles, Horatiu Malaiele, Mihai Levente, Hejja Sandor, George Constantin, Vlad Radescu



Directed by: Radu Gabrea
Producers: Galla Film Munchen, GCC Film Worldwide București, Artimage SA, Defa Studio Berlin
Cast: Mircea Albulescu, Mitica Popescu, Werner Stocher, Dana Vavrova, Dominiq Sanda, Erick Bar

Currently filming:

Starting with 07.05.2018, the second season of TV series Queen of the South is being filmed in various locations around Bucharest. The project is being carried out by Telemundo, in collaboration with Netflix.

Filming in Romania will last for two weeks.

Teresa: Kate del Castillo
Oleg: Antonio Gil

Update: Filming for Queen of the South season 2 wrapped up on 16.05.2018. The team and producers from Spain and Mexico have written a letter to offer their appreciation for our dedication and professionalism:



"Descrierea Ardealului" (50 episodes)

Directed by: Keszdy Kovacs
Producers: Budapest Film Studio, GCC Film Worldwide

In production:

"Niciodată" (SOHA) - screening after SOHA by Kincses Elemer  Presentation

Coproducers: GCC Film Worldwide, Focus Film Budapesta
Screenplay: Kincses Elemer
Directed by:
Andras Ferenz 

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